Enough Is Enough!

Libertarian Party of Florida

P.O. Box 3012, Winter Park, Florida 32790 800.478.0555 www.lpf.org

Contact: Karl Dickey, Chairman 561.237.5586 karldickey@gmail.com

NEWS RELEASE July 17, 2008 For Immediate Release


Local Governments Working to Circumvent Message from the Public

Winter Park, Florida – The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) is amazed at the power-hungry politicians who seem to have a ferocious appetite for additional tax dollars even though the Florida voters have clearly stated that they want to pay less taxes. This addiction to force money out of the pockets of hard working Floridians can be seen in county commissioners and city councils throughout the state.

On January 31, 2008, Florida voters sent an overwhelming message to both our state and local governments that they had reached the breaking point of being overtaxed and were in need of relief. Yet as new budget proposals are brought forth from Palm Beach County to the City of Orlando to Pensacola, it is clear these local politicians haven’t gotten the message and continue to find ways to take up either current levels of spending or actually increase their spending.

Karl Dickey, chairman of the LPF said this morning, “I am saddened that our county and city officials continue down this avenue of classic ‘tax and spend’ policies rather than reign in the wasteful spending. Rather than listen to the will of the people, our elected officials have considerable trouble finding items to eliminate from their upcoming budgets.”

The Libertarian Party of Florida encourages all Floridians to write to their local elected officials and attend upcoming public hearings on their local government budgets to make certain their voice is heard. We would also encourage the public to vote in the many Libertarians running for offices across the state (http://lpf.org/candidates.htm) as it is clear the Republicans and Democrats haven’t heard that clear message sent on January 31st.




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