Taking Advice from Libertarians, Florida will Move Forward


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NEWS RELEASE July 31, 2008 For Immediate Release

Florida DOT Moves to Improve Florida Transportation

Taking Advice from Libertarians, Florida will Move Forward

Winter Park, Florida – The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) is pleased to see the progress toward more efficient uses of our transportation resources. Specifically, the Florida DOT has chosen to replace HOV lanes to HOT lanes on some sections of I-95.

LPF chairman, Karl Dickey said this afternoon, “As put forth in my 2006 run for State Senate [see next page] , the State has heeded the advice of innovative transportation experts to install Fast/HOT toll lanes in Miami-Dade with variable tolls related to congestion. We expect our Florida government to move in a more Libertarian direction, utilizing the innovative and effective solutions we offer for the benefit of all Floridians. Now we must insist on a direct reduction in taxes related to the toll income.”

Although notice could have been better administered to I-95 drivers before installing the delineators [there were some initial accidents as drivers became confused due to lack of signage and warning], drivers will soon be given the option to stay in the normal congested traffic for free or pay a few dollars to get to their destination much faster and safer. The “candlesticks’ were installed in July, the next steps are to install the overhead signage and electronic equipment to register the tolls. Soon the HOT lanes will be up and running.


The following was taken directly from the website for Karl Dickey’s campaign for Florida Senate, District 30 in 2006 and can also be seen on his 2010 campaign website for Palm Beach County Commission:

3. Transportation Improvements

South Florida and other metro areas of Florida need innovative solutions to the serious transportation issues that they face. The Florida legislature stands in the way of those solutions. The Florida DOT’s solutions have been to simply widen lanes of existing roads. A federal system of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, while noble in theory, has been a dismal failure.

I would recommend reading the IBTTA report, the congestion relief analysis from Washington State and Reason Foundation articles by Robert Poole. Another source is the book Street Smart: Competition Entrepreneurship, and the Future of Roads by Gabriel Roth.

  • Adopt a network of “fast” lanes and adopt variable speed toll lanes
  • Replace HOV lanes with HOT lanes. HOT lanes are usable only by paying vehicles, emergency vehicles, buses, and vanpools. This system is up and running in other cities with effective results. If our legislature was serious about effective results these and other innovative solutions would already be in place.
  • Creation of truck-only toll (TOT) lanes for increased safety and efficiency.
  • Eliminate the “your tax money down the drain” light rail system. We can use that tax money in more effective areas and we can sell off those assets to cut our losses. We can use those funds to smartly improve our roadway system and thereby improve safety & congestion. No one loves the idea of a light rail system more than me, however the bottom line is that it cannot work to be self-sufficient in South Florida. Not only are we paying to ride the Tri-Rail directly through fares, but our tax money is funding it as well.
  • Encourage telecommuting & flexible work hours. With great technologies now here it is easier than ever for companies to work from home as if they are in the office. In addition, having employees come in at different hours can greatly improve traffic congestion.

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