Libertarians Outraged Over Boca Raton Trainer’s Prison Sentence


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Contact: Karl Dickey, Chairman 561.237.5586

NEWS RELEASE August 1, 2008 For Immediate Release

Libertarians Outraged Over Boca Raton Trainer’s Prison Sentence

Government Convicts Man of Private Transactions

Winter Park, Florida – The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) is outraged and disgusted the federal government would prosecute, and a federal judge would sentence him to seven years in prison for conducting voluntary transactions.

A 48 year old personal trainer, Patrick Bronder has been convicted and sentenced for buying and selling growth hormones and other prescription drugs from an out of state chiropractor then selling them to a Boca Raton wholesaler. Mr. Bronder received $6.8 million for the transactions plus a $325,000 commission.

LPF chairman, Karl Dickey said this morning, “Our government has wasted vast resources to investigate and convict this man who, to the best of everyone’s knowledge, exercising his right to offer goods to others in free and voluntary transactions. What is more amazing is that there were no victims to these transactions! This is a clear case of the government attempting control or manage voluntary transactions between individuals even though no one complained or was victimized. How many cases, with actual victims, could have been solved or prevented, had our government spent their financial and human resources to solve them instead?”

The Libertarian Party holds firm that individuals and corporations should be free to trade without interference from the government insofar as no one is defrauded or victimized. It is clear this case should have never come before the court and it is a sad day as our freedoms continue to erode each year in what used to be a free country.



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