Karl Dickey to Attend PickensPlan Town Hall

Karl Dickey for Palm Beach County Commission

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Karl Dickey to Attend PickensPlan Town Hall

Boca Raton, FL – The Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship is hosting a town hall meeting at Nova Southeastern University on February 17th at 9AM. T. Boone Pickens and Mike Jackson, chairman and CEO of AutoNation, will be in attendance as will Karl Dickey, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission and who filed for the Governor’s appointment to fill the Commission seat vacated by Mary McCarty.

Topics will include new clean energy technology, development of alternative fuels, and geopolitical dynamics related to energy for today and tomorrow.

Karl Dickey founded the PickensPlan South Florida group with over 600 members and is a longtime advocate for the environment. He is interested in seeing the PickensPlan come to fruition and feels it can happen without a violation to property rights and appreciates its free-market approach.

Karl Dickey said this morning, “I look forward to the town hall meeting so others can learn and we can help vet some parts to the PickensPlan. My only fear is the public is starting to become complacent in their attitude to making real change to their vehicles and use of other energy sources. The public must understand the current gasoline prices they see at the pump is temporary and we need to take this brief opportunity of low prices to make a radical change over the next seven to ten years.”

This summer, Mr. Dickey will host a conference with leaders from various local environmental groups in order to consider three areas we can all agree to focus and bring real environmental change in Palm Beach County. Mr. Dickey said, “We have so many splintered groups in Palm Beach County, each focusing on different aspects to the environment. Together we can find three areas we all agree and together we can make the changes we would all like to see.”

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