Government Spending

OK, perhaps the economy is pretty complicated. So complicated in fact respected economists cannot agree on the best path to our renewed prosperity, however the following is a clear transitional path back to American prosperity.

1) Slash government spending

2) Eliminate capital gains taxes for all Americans and corporations for everything

3) Bring corporate and personal tax rates down to a flat 15%

4) Stop borrowing (we are close to a time when the cost to sell our US Treasuries will be exorbitant; further exasperating our debt situation)

5) End all corporate welfare/subsidies

6) End mark-to-market accounting

None of these are wise politically, however they are wise if we wish to begin a true recovery. 

If America wants true change and recovery, then this transitional, proven plan will get us out of this mess. Are you listening Obama? Are you listening Congress? These could literally be done this week, but it won’t.

Nope! They’re not. Instead they are going in a completely opposite direction that will lead us to a much larger negative situation in the coming years. This is not change, this is truly more of the same. The same spending as Bush. The same deficit as Bush.

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