The Markets

As per my suggestions in December, nice profits were made in DXD and TWM (average 15.7%) as of the close today. No matter what happens tomorrow morning, we are getting out of those positions and adding to the ENER position & perhaps reopening a position in BRK.a.

ENER is perfectly positioned to benefit from the stimulus bill and BRK has been a reliable asset over the years.

The only thing I screwed up on in recent memory is a very small position in CAT. I do not plan to add to this position even with the China expansion and the stimulus bill.

I am putting together a small investment partnership that should be up & running w/in two months. Not sure who will invest with me taking into consideration the issues of Madoff / Stanford here in South Florida, plus the issues with the market. The public is wondering who they can trust and at this point are apparently hoarding any and all cash they have left – very understandable. We plan to open shop nonetheless even if we start with just $1 (partially joking) in my home under the name Blue Shark Partnership. Who knew the Partnership Agreement would be so involved and take so long to get just right. When Buffett started his partnerships, people thought he may be running a Madoff-style Ponzi scheme and he hurdled those criticisms as can I should they be made.

I do not make public predictions regarding market direction however it is clear we are heading for a US Treasury meltdown and the strong potential for hyper-inflation in the near term. I am looking at safe vehicles to profit from those scenarios and will incorporate them into the new Partnership.

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