Libertarian Candidate Interested in Seeing Reform of County Commission

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NEWS RELEASE         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE         June 23, 200

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Libertarian Candidate Interested in Seeing Reform of County Commission

Dickey says let the effect of term limits work, move forward with other measures

Boca Raton, FL – Karl Dickey, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission in District 4 [Mary McCarty’s old seat], was instrumental in bringing term limits to the voters which he feels will help our county commission operate in an ethical manner in the future.

This morning Mr. Dickey said, “There tends to be a sense of entitlement and an attitude of being untouchable when a politician is in a particular office for too long which is why I am proud to have helped bring term limits to the county commission. Once the remaining commissioners serve out their terms I feel much of the corruption we have seen in recent years will be dramatically reduced if not eliminated. Operating the county for the people as opposed to for the commissioners is what my campaign is all about. We need a return to a servant government – a servant of the people in Palm Beach County.”

Mr. Dickey served on the Palm Beach County Term Limits Committee which was successful in putting the issue on the ballot for the voters even though many county commissioners were aggressively opposed to it. The measure passed overwhelmingly by over 70% of the voters in Palm Beach County.

Mr. Dickey also feels recommendations recently made by the grand jury have merit. He supports the establishment of an Office of Inspector General for Palm Beach County, however not at this time due to budget pressures. Mr. Dickey added, “Our commissioners are all running scared right now with the FBI reviewing file after file, vote after vote. It is highly improbable any of them would be committing any fraud or deception at this stage. The cost of an Inspector General is large and could come out of reduced expenses elsewhere in the budget. Eliminating the “slush funds” each commissioner enjoys would be an easy and fitting way to pay for setting up the new office and is certainly something I would recommend.”

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