Your Tax Dollars at Work – Or is it Play?

Karl Dickey for Palm Beach County Commission

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Your Tax Dollars at Work – Or is it Play?

County commissioners go on junket at taxpayer’s expense

Boca Raton, FL – Karl Dickey, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission in District 4 was encouraged to learn county commissioners Jess Santamaria and Burt Aaronson chose not to attend this week’s extravaganza being held in Marco Island.

This morning Mr. Dickey commented, “One seminar dealing with honest services and public integrity must be a joke. If the commissioners sitting on the dais don’t know about it now, they never will and certainly will not learn via a seminar. These are people who have been in public office for quite some time. I commend the quote from Commissioner Santamaria that he is going to be spending the time here in Palm Beach County reviewing the upcoming budget. That is honest services and public integrity.”

It may be good for our media to follow this story to discover which seminars were attended by which commissioners, which commissioners were out playing golf, and which commissioners come back pale or with a tan. Wouldn’t Palm Beach County be better off if those dollars were being spent within the county rather than into the coffers of another county?

This week’s event is sponsored by The Florida Association of Counties and attending commissioners expect to pay for the trip by way of their office operating budget (taxpayer money).

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