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Karl Dickey was recently interviewed for regarding his campaign for Palm Beach County Commission.


In keeping with our goals of trying to get interviews with all the Libertarian candidates running for office April continues to track them down and ask them pertinent questions. She caught up with Karl Dickey, candidate for County Commissioner in Palm Beach. Her interview is posted here in its entirety. Enjoy!

Q: It’s a conundrum to some people. The wealthy are objects of envy, but heavy progressive taxes only create a class of dependents that are resentful of the hand that feeds them. Meanwhile, as can be evidenced from activities like the Robin Hood Foundation’s, not only are the wealthy indoctrinated to feel guilty about their property holdings, they’re still extraordinarily generous givers. Is Palm Beach getting wise to the indoctrination?

A: Firstly, although I realize many have envy for the wealthy, I do not subscribe to that notion. But more to the question, it would be difficult to know the thoughts of Palm Beachers and their reasons for giving to their favorite charities – whether out of guilt, altruism, or for the potential tax benefits. I do fully support the use of more private charities over the inefficient and often corrupt government-run and government-funded charities.

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