Are the Tea Partiers supporting the right candidates?

You will have a decision to make come November. Are you going to trade in your principles for strategy or do the right thing and stick to your principles?

That is what is sorely lacking in the country – people who give in too easily strategizing a block of another candidate. If we had voters who voted their conviction, Snitker would be doing far better in the polls, in the media, and in his campaign treasuries.

If one is a true conservative and also a Tea Partier (remember? Principles over Party?), then you owe it to yourself to investigate each candidate and align yourself with the one closest to your value system. To do anything but, is doing a disservice to yourself, your family, and your country. If that person is Rubio, then great. Perhaps, however, it is DeCastro, Snitker, Crist, Meek, Green, etc. etc.

Don’t you have far more respect for someone that votes their principles, then simply votes for who can win? And if not, then you may as well leave the Tea Party movement, because all is then lost.

How many candidates have you worked for on their campaign and voted for in the voting booth who turned around and voted OPPOSITE your value system once in office? For me, it has been far too many which is why I left the Republican Party in 1996 and frankly, should have left sooner.


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