Commentary: Media's influence in the election of our representatives

Recently Bay 9 News removed the Libertarian candidate for Florida’s U.S. Senate from an online poll they were conducting once they found him doing too well. The last time the poll showed Alexander Snitker’s name was when he was at 14% and rising, then the poll stopped showing his name and replaced it with “Other”, causing two “Other” to be listed in the online poll. Here is Snitker’s press release on the manipulation. “Fringe” candidates have learned to take screen captures from mainstream media websites as the media often manipulates what the public gets to see in favor of more mainstream candidates. So even if the public is crying out for different flavors, the mainstream media is set to only offer vanilla or chocolate. A quick search on Bay News 9’s website of Snitker’s name shows 12 results, mostly just listing of the candidates and no ‘real’ stories. Rubio shows 605 listings, Crist shows 1,780, Meek shows 701, DeCastro shows 44 mentions (again, mostly just listing of candidates and no stories). It is clear Bay News 9 has a bias toward three candidates for the U.S. Senate seat and this example can be repeated at media outlets across Florida. The large difference in Crist’s results are understandable as he is the current Governor of Florida so one would expect there to be many more mentions of his name.

Even WPEC Channel 12 in Palm Beach County, owned by a supposed libertarian-minded company, won’t mention candidates outside the spectrum of the “big” three and often states there are only three candidates running for U.S. Senate in Florida – a serious breach of their duty to voters in South Florida and frankly an outright lie to the public. Doing a search on their website for stories involving the candidates today showed the following results:Charlie Crist 577 items found, Kendrick Meek 24 items found, Rubio 39 items found, Snitker ZERO items found, Bernie DeCastro ZERO items found. So even a libertarian-minded media outlet won’t mention the libertarian candidate. One could almost understand if Snitker was some kind of wacko, however he’s not. He’s a legitimate candidate and Marine veteran who makes intelligent speeches all over Florida during the race.

Hope is not all lost however. It is clear debates can happen on the U.S. Senate level of competition as seen in the Arizona debates which include theLibertarian PartyGreen PartyRepublican Partyand the Democratic Party candidates. The questions of each candidates was fair and balanced – no mentioning of little green men to Jerry Joslyn, the Green Party candidate or regarding anarchy toDavid Nolan of the Libertarian Party.



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