Craft brewery bill could force brewers into three tier distribution scheme

Today, April 21, 2014, Florida Senate Bill 1714 will be heard by the rules committee at 1 p.m. before it heads to a full vote of the Florida Senate. We wrote last week about the problems associated with the anti-free market three tier system (see below) and this bill, with its amendments, would force craft brewers into that costly system. Under this bill, craft brewers would be forced to have their product picked up by a distributor, then brought back to their place of business to be sold – all in an effort to continue hiding an extra tax consumers rarely see.Watching discussion of the bill during the Regulated Industries Committee by state senators could have been chalked up to comedy as the scheme being proposed seemed so bizarre by those in attendance. One state senator was actually suggesting to leave the newly produced craft beer at the craft brewers, then have a distributor come to take a look at it, then charge the craft brewer for the visit and thereby the State of Florida could also collect another tax. Yet this is precisely what is likely to happen, raising the price to consumers so an unnecessary distributor can get their cut and so the State of Florida can inject another hidden tax.

Read the rest of the story here.


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