Keep Government Regulations away from Electronic Cigarettes by Bill Wohlsifer

Regulations are getting out of hand, as I’m sure more than a few of you have noticed at least two or three times in the last forty-five seconds or so. And I’m not just talking about E-cig regulations, but the entire regulatory environment of contemporary governments the world over. Somewhere along the way, someone must have looked at the world and said, “You know what this complex world of infinite possibilities and combinations of possibilities needs? A bunch of organizations composed of unelected officials with completely unchecked, limitless power to over-complicate this already overly-complex planet at an exponentially-increasing rate until the whole of humanity grinds to a screeching halt resulting from an inability to move an inch without violating multiple ordinances, directives, mandates, and caveats, thereby coming in direct conflict with a regulatory issue based on previous rulings by said regulatory issue’s governing agency.” In fact, I’m almost certain that is EXACTLY how the original statement was worded, to ensure compliance with preexisting vernacular regulations, of course.

Read more here with Bill Wohlsifer, Libertarian Party of Florida candidate for Attorney General.

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