Enjoy the new book 'Threads' by Beth Brown

Fourteen-year-old Ellis has been living with her grandmother for as long as she can remember. For Ellis, every year is a new town, a new house, a new school. Every year is spent wondering about the next year, never any closer to discovering her purpose in life, making lasting friendships, or learning about the parents she lost when she was four. . . . Until this year. . . . This year, Ellis starts Ida May High School where she meets Starling. Like many Ida May students, Starling’s parents work for Connor Glass. When Ellis learns that her own parents were research scientists for Connor Glass and that their accidental discovery led to their disappearance, life changes quickly. But as Ellis uses the device her parents invented to unravel the mystery behind their disappearance, she unexpectedly learns about life’s fragile path and the necessity of choosing one’s destination — a destination that may depend on a thread.



Here’s one review posted on Amazon about the book:

“This book was a fantastic book to read. The story was very enjoyable from the beginning but only got better as each chapter went on, there were so many unexpected twist and turns that I was captivated right up to the very end. I also really enjoyed how well the author endears readers to the main character, Ellis.
This book would be an enjoyable read for anyone, from someone looking to be touched as they read about a young girl’s journey to find her parents to someone who has a mathematical mind.
I highly recommend this book and can only hope the author will bring us more books like this!”

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