Pam Bondi's Attorney General office works against Second Amendment court ruling

The Florida Attorney General’s (AG) office is attempting to scuttle the appeal in the case of Norman v. State. The Norman case is the only viable case in the country arguing for recognition of the constitutional right to open carry firearms in the State of Florida. Today, June 19, 2014, Florida Carry is urging its membership and those in favor of preserving gun rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution to contact Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to end the state’s prosecution of Floridians exercising their rights.

The issue could bring voters away from Bondi and to pro-gun rights candidate, Bill Wohlsifer. Wohlsifer states on his campaign website, “While recognizing the evolution and mandate of present law, Bill is of the opinion that concealed carry law in Florida, particularly sections 790.06, 790.25 and 790.053, Florida Statutes, is vague and ambiguous. It defies logic that the mere brief or accidental exposure of an otherwise lawful carry subjects a peaceful armed citizen to arrest.”

Read the rest of the story.

Palm Beach County Assistant State Attorney Angela Corey. Photo Credit


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