Governor Rick Scott signs 'warning shot' law, short of what Wyllie would sign

Yesterday, June 20, 2014, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed additional protections for Floridians when exercising their Second Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution. Although the bill is far from perfect by libertarian standards, it passed with the pro gun-control Florida Republican legislature.

Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie said, “As governor, I will fight for your inalienable right to possess the tools to defend your life, liberty and property. The individual states have power to nullify these unconstitutional acts and decrees. Gov. Scott and the Florida Legislature are either too ignorant, too timid, or too corrupt to carry out their sworn duty to defend our rights. If they fail to uphold their oath of office, then they are complicit in the tyranny. They must all be held accountable. As governor, I promise to do everything in my power to challenge, reverse, and nullify any unconstitutional usurpation by the federal government. The right of Floridians to keep and bear arms shall never be infringed on my watch.”

Read the rest of the story here.


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