Palm Beach County ballots are in

Palm Beach Free Press

Yesterday, August 26, 2014, Florida had primary elections for the Democratic and Republican party candidates, as well as non-partisan races and some questions to be answered in a couple of the towns within the county. Many winners of the partisan races will continue forward through the November 4, 2014 General Election.

As you can see with the overwhelming majority of the winners – name recognition goes a long way to winning an election. Here are the results:

U.S. Congress District 18 (Republican Primary)

Republican Carl Domino won taking in 47.29% of the vote over his five opponents.

U.S. Congress District 20 (Democratic Primary)

Alcee Hastings won over his two opponents garnering 75% of the votes.

U.S. Congress District 21 (Democratic Primary)

Ted Deutch won over his opponent Morel with over 93% of the vote total.

U.S. Congress District 22 (Republican Primary)

Republican Paul Spain will move on to face Democrat…

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