Vote for Karl Dickey for Palm Beach County Soil and Water Conservation District , Group 5

On November 4, 2014, Palm Beach County voters will decide who to elect to the Group 5 position on the Palm Beach County Soil & Water Conservation District (PWCSWCD). The position will be voted on county-wide so all voters will have an opportunity to choose between myself and my opponent.

It is unfortunate the PBCSWCD has been so mismanaged by my opponent and her cronies that it wastes taxpayer dollars without full disclosure to the public. Their website is inadequate and does not include their meeting dates and times. Their budget, which includes expenses of $305,000, should be online and should not just be some pie-in-the-sky pie chart. They should provide a line item income and expense report each quarter on their website. This is what I would have done if I was leading the PBCSWCD, so the public can see how effective the organization is. Additionally, why not have a Facebook page for the PBCSWCD? It costs nothing but time. Put up a Facebook page to educate the public about the PBCSWCD rather than spending that time filling out many meaningless, bureaucratic reports. The PBCSWCD lacks transparency and that is the first thing I will work to change once Palm Beach County voters elect me to the board!

It is understandable why my opponent may not welcome such transparency, as outgoing employee, Sosa Omelio, received $70,440.24 from the PBCSWCD in 2013. This is a jump from $35,220.12 in 2012. I was at one of their meetings concerning Sosa’s retirement and his pay and was disgusted by what I saw which was one of the primary reasons for my running for this office. This District is being terribly mismanaged, plain and simple.

My opponent is either confused or is choosing to deceive the public when she states the PBCSWCD does not receive taxpayer money. The District operates with taxpayer money whether that money is directly received or received calling it a grant. The money comes from taxpayers, plain and simple.

My opponent and a couple of her friends have chosen to mischaracterize what I have stated plainly and clearly regarding the future of the PBCSWCD. To set the record straight, when like-minded individuals created a majority of the board in Seminole County, the Soil & Water District there flourished and became self-sufficient. My aim would be to do the same or what is in the best interest of the taxpayers and the environment.

A vote for me, Karl Dickey, is a vote for open government, better management of the PBCSWCD and your tax dollars! Plain and simple.

Thank you for your consideration,

Karl Dickey

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Karl Dickey, for the non-partisan office of Palm Beach County Soil & Water Conservation District, Group 5

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