Well that didn't go the way I wanted…

In my effort to earn my way onto the board of the Palm Beach County Soil & Water Conservation District, it did not go the way I had expected. Although I thought I would win, my opponent bettered me leaving me with just under 42% of the vote total. As I posted on her Facebook page last night:

“Congratulations Eva! Well done. I do hope the PBCSWCD website will become more transparent on its website. Best to you and the board.”

This is my second run at elective office, and though I fared far better this time around, it is admittedly disappointing. Perhaps my efforts are best left in the background to affect freedom-based policy which I have been most effective.

I wish to thank everyone who supported and voted for me in this campaign. I am truly humbled by the hundreds of texts, Facebook messages, Facebook posts, phone calls and emails. I could not be more impressed with you all and sincerely appreciate each of you.

Thank you,

Karl Dickey

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