While No One Was Looking, Debt Hits $18,000,000,000,000


Unfortunately, Black Friday was notable for more than just a stampede of shoppers. As of the end of the day Friday, the national debt crossed the $18 trillion threshold.

As Our America’s Honorary Chairman, Gov. Gary Johnson, frequently points out, the U.S. faces many challenges, but none is greater than the simple reality that we are bankrupt. $18 trillion is a difficult number to grasp, but suffice it to say that the federal debt now exceeds the nation’s total gross domestic product (GDP) — and it is growing every minute of every day.

Of course, the politicians in Washington blame one another, playing number games to argue over who is more responsible for the debt, without offering anything resembling a real plan to balance the budget. In fact, while they are blaming one another, Congress is meeting in a lame-duck (Read: after-the-election) session to continue the deficit spending for yet another year. No budget. No appropriations process. Just a simple extension of their big-spending, big-government ways.

But What About The Militarized Feds???

This week, in a blatantly political response to the continuing turmoil stemming from events in Ferguson, Missouri, President Obama announced some minor proposed reforms of programs by which military equipment is provided to local law enforcement agencies. Clearly, anything that curbs the excessive militarization of police forces is prudent.

HOWEVER, blatantly missing from the White House plan is anything that will address the militarization of the federal government itself. Yes, we can — and should — deal with the question of whether local police should have armored tactical vehicles. But shouldn’t we also be dealing with the absurdity that agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Bureau of Land Management have such gear?

Federal legislation will likely be introduced next year to place some restrictions on the militarization of domestic agencies.  If so, the Our America Initiative will be working hard to encourage cosponsorship and passage of that legislation.

The FEC Is Actually Looking At Presidential Debates, & You Can Weigh In

As you know, Our America is supporting a federal lawsuit that challenges the Commission on Presidential Debates and its exclusion of qualified candidates. Lending credibility to that legal challenge, the Federal Election Commission is currently accepting public comments on a petition to “amend its regulations on candidate debates to revise the criteria governing the inclusion of candidates in presidential and vice presidential debates”.

While the potential impact of this rule-making is unclear, a significant public response to the FEC’s request for comments will certainly be helpful to Our America’s effort on the legal front. If you wish to submit comments, go to Petition for Rulemaking on Candidate Debates . The deadline is December 15.

Likewise, Our America needs your support of our Debate Challenge. Taking on the national Democrat and Republican parties and their special interest sponsors is no small task, and your support is critical. Go to Our America to learn what you can do.


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