Best Cigar Prices Offering The Finest In “Cuban Heritage” Cigars

Best Cigar Prices

Since the U.S. enacted the trade embargo against Cuba in 1961, Cuban cigars, which have long been regarded as the best in the world, have been illegal in the United States. This restriction on access to Cubans has resulted in an increased desire for them, as the embargo has created a “forbidden fruit”-type appeal to the cigars. Many Americans are intrigued by the notion of Cuban cigars, but what they don’t realize is that one need not travel to Cuba to enjoy a fine cigar – the real essence of Cuban cigar tradition is already available here in the U.S.

After the Cuban Revolution in 1959, many Cubans emigrated to America seeking alternative political or economic conditions. Some of these were tobacco growers and cigar-makers, who brought with them trade secrets and authentic Cuban tobacco seeds. Some of the most skilled Cuban cigar workers continued to cultivate tobacco and produce cigars in countries with climates similar to Cuba, such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. As a result, the cigars originating from these countries, under the supervision of Cuban expatriates, carry on the tradition in excellence that was established in Cuba.

Best Cigar Prices Director of Marketing and Certified Master Tobacconist Jeff Brown has traveled extensively sampling and researching cigars in several different countries, including Cuba, and has found that cigars produced in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and other countries compare favorably against those being produced in Cuba. “Thanks to Cuban expatriates like Padron, Nestor Plascencia, and Rafael Nodal of Aging Room cigars, the techniques and customs once closely guarded by Cuban cigar blenders are now used to cultivate tobacco and create cigars that are available for sale in the U.S.”, Brown stated. “These guys brought over the Cuban seeds and their special skill set, and the resulting cigars are as good as, if not better than, Cubans. The quality control standards used by Padron and other factories are far superior to many factories in Cuba, which is another factor that sets U.S.-legal cigars apart – simply put, the cigars we buy here in the States are far more consistent and well made than most Cuban cigars.”

Best Cigar Prices carries a wide variety of cigars from brands with Cuban roots like Padron, Plasencia, Aging Room, Don Pepin, Raices Cubanas, and many others, at the lowest prices available on the internet. The company invites you to try cigars from these “Cuban heritage” companies for yourself and see how they compare to the legendary Cuban cigars.

Best Cigar Prices is a leading online distributor of discounted premium cigars, serving cigar aficionados worldwide since 1997. The company’s global headquarters in Drums, Pennsylvania features a state of the art, warehouse-sized cigar humidor that ensures quality and freshness in every cigar shipped. Best Cigar Prices offers a diverse range of cigar deals, discounts, and specials designed to make cigar shopping an easy, affordable, and rewarding experience for consumers.

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