'All American Don' cigar series announced by Don Abram Harris Cigars

Don Abram Harris Cigars, LLC has announced the development of the new series called “All American Don.” This ten-episode doc-soap will give viewers a sneak peak to show what it takes to maintain a successful cigar business in America. In order to complete production and editing, creator Abram Harris has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $100,000 by March 18, 2015.

From the time Abram’s father, Jerome Harris, was a kid until he grew up, he slaved away in the tobacco fields in Southern Maryland diligently learning the trade of the tobacco and cigar industry.  To get out of the fields and to better support his family he joined the military.  Abram heard many stories about how hard his father worked in the tobacco fields, which gave Abram a passion to be a part of the cigar industry, not as a field worker but as a cigar manufacturer.  This along with his love of cigars played a great part in building the first African-American cigar manufacturing company, Don Abram Harris Cigars, LLC.

Today, they produce one of the most successful and trusted brand cigars. With quality and care, they have made their mark in the hearts of cigar-lovers. The delicious flavor and mesmerizing aroma of each cigar gives users a memorable experience that many enjoy and love. Now, Abram wants to give the world a glimpse into how the business is run. This mini-series will show the challenges he encounters every day as he interacts with cigar lounges around the nation. Viewers get to meet the friendly staff and his beautiful wife, who is his rock and confidante. It shows the realness of the business and gives people a deeper understanding as to why their cigars are named one of the best in the world.

With comedic humor and sentimental moments, people get to know Abram Harris, the man behind the successful cigar manufacturer. As a prominent African-America entrepreneur, he works hard every day to build a legacy for the Harris family name. Individuals learn important life lessons and entrepreneur skills about how to establish and run a flourishing business in America.

Funds from the Kickstarter campaign will be used as seed money to get production going. It will cover equipment, travel, editing, and other expenses to complete the project.

To make a contribution, please visit the campaign by clicking here. If the campaign does not receive enough funding, the project cannot move forward. So hurry and be part of this project today to help shed light on how the unique cigar industry is run.

For those who cannot make a donation, please be sure to share this on Facebook and Twitter. The more awareness the better! 

Published by Karl Dickey

Karl Dickey is a Florida entrepreneur and is into punk music, volunteering, contemporary art, antique books, vegan health, triathlons, and general aviation.

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