This is from Florida Carry regarding Florida gun rights

HB 4005 (Campus Carry) Under Unprecedented Attack from astroturf gun ban groups. Your Support Urgently Needed!
Bill may be stalled in House Higher Education Subcommittee unless you contact these Reps.

The campus carry bill, HB 4005, is now in the House Higher Education Committee. The committee is under bombardment by Bloomberg’s gun control group generated propaganda.
Please, take a few moments to ask the committee members of the House Higher Education Subcommittee to support HB 4005 – Campus Carry.
Remember that whether you contact the committee members either by email or by phone, to be courteous and respectful above all else. Be sure to keep your message brief, and thank them for their time.

Sample Body:

Dear representative,

The US Department of Education reported 392 forcible felonies on Florida Campuses in 2013, under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Forcible felonies reported include homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and arson. The number does not include forcible felonies occurring in off-campus college housing or in the surrounding neighborhoods.

This is about licensed adults, responsibly protecting themselves on campus, just as they do off campus, and over a quarter century of statistics from the Licensing Department of DOACS proves their responsibility as a group.

Please support HB 4005.

We need your help!
Florida self-defense laws are under unprecedented attack. Florida Carry is fighting back hard in local government, the courts, and the state legislature but cash and volunteer action is necessary to support this important work. Please donate orJoin Today.


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