Do women make less money than men? Yes, because they work less hours


We often hear women make less money than men and there is a move afoot for government mandated equal pay for equal work legislation. But there is already such a law on the books and has been since the early 1960s. In addition, there is no evidence women and men are not being paid equally. Yes, it is often quoted that women make 77 cents for each dollar a man makes, but that’s a bumper sticker, and further investigation is needed to see what’s up.

So, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ own numbers: men worked 146,322 million hours while women worked 111,782 million hours. This accounts for the disparity and if women simply worked the same hours as men, then they would have the same yearly income.

Despite knowing the facts, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren tout the need for legislation to fill this mythical pay gap. There is no need for additional legislation to fix a problem that does not exist.


One thought on “Do women make less money than men? Yes, because they work less hours”

  1. Interesting, but over-simplified. Female employees often do not know their own value, which leaves them ill-equipped to properly negotiate compensation. I saw this primary style difference during the decades I served as Sr. Management in Corporate America.


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