It’s ‘Battle Stations’ Time To Repeal or Reform the Patriot Act


From Our America Initiative:

Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate are putting their cards on the table — proposing to simply reauthorize the Patriot Act, including Section 215, with no changes. Section 215 is the provision the NSA and other spy agencies use to justify mass surveillance on American citizens. That section is one of three that expire on June 1.

As noted by The Hill, the ACLU and other civil liberties advocates, including the Our America Initiative, are gearing up to let Congress know that simply extending provisions of a law that is being used to conduct unconstitutional searches into Americans’ personal lives is unacceptable.

If you haven’t already, go to Our America’s Restore the 4th Amendment page and sign the petition to end the government’s mass surveillance. And now is the time to contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives to let your views be known. The Patriot Act should be repealed, or failing that, the onerous provisions set to expire June 1 should NOT be reauthorized without significant changes to restore our fundamental 4th Amendment protections.

Support for Marriage Equality Keeps Increasing

With the U.S. Supreme Court set to hear arguments next week regarding state bans on same-sex marriage, a new poll shows more than 60% of Americans oppose such bans and support requiring states to recognize same-sex marriages performed legally in other states.

The Our America Initiative has supported several states’ efforts to overturn gay marriage bans, and as the issue has moved through the courts, Gov. Johnson has joined other leaders and former elected officials in filing briefs urging support for marriage equality.

Have You Watched and Shared The Debate Video?

Our America’s video showing how control of nationally-televised presidential debates by the two “major” political parties limits Americans’ choices has received thousands of views. If you haven’t seen it, take a look — and share with your friends.  As the video shows, nowhere in recent presidential debates have there been real discussions of liberty, military interventions, drug policy or meaningful tax reform.

Watch the video here: Commission on Presidential Debates — Time to Change , and please share on social media and across the web.

Changing the presidential debates will change America’s political landscape, and your support for Our America’s Debate Challenge will help make that change happen.

Lend Your Support to Our America’s Fight For Liberty

From fighting to repeal or reform the Patriot Act to marriage equality to fair debates, Our America’s purpose is to give voice to the principles of smaller government and greater liberty. You can help. Go to Our America Initiative today, sign up and support our efforts. It’s time to restore liberty as the true American value.


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