Alcee Hastings talks to U.S. Term Limits

“He is an employee of ‘we the people’ and…crying poor mouth at $174,000/year.”


When 22-year Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) claimed members of Congress were underpaid at $174,000 per year, the phone lines here at U.S. Term Limits lit up. We had people from all across America call to tell us how Hastings’ out-of-touch comment solidified in their minds that now is the time to term limit Congress.

One man baffled by the remark was Jay Bonner, who ran for Hastings’ District 20 seat last year and is doing so again in 2016. Bonner, the first candidate of the 2016 cycle to sign our term limits pledge, told USTL in an exclusive interview that Hastings’ demands look silly when compared to how people in his district really live.

“He’s representing a community that makes $20,715 on average. He’s making over eight times what his constituents make, and he’s crying to us ‘I can’t make it on $174,000,'” Bonner said. “These raises don’t actually end up helping the people.”

Bonner also called term limits a “protective factor” that “keeps the new people who go in (to Congress) from becoming corrupt.”

Polls show that most Americans agree, and want Congress to take action on term limits. The only way to get there, however, is by building up a nationwide network of supporters that can pressure our legislators into doing the right thing.

That starts with you. As a personal favor to me, please forward this email to five friends or family members who, like you, want to hold Congress accountable. Legislators might be out-of-touch, but the more we get in touch with fellow term limits supporters, the closer we’ll be to achieving our goal.

Thanks for the support,

Nick Tomboulides

Executive Director, U.S. Term Limits

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