Palm Beach County government proposes outrageously large budget that would be the biggest county government spending budget EVER

Graphic Credit: Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board
Graphic Credit: Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board

The Palm Beach County Commission will meet Tuesday, May 9, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. for their first budget workshop of the year. Local residents can watch the workshop via Channel 20. Under their proposal, the public may think county commissioners are returning to the heydays of the real estate bubble because they plan to spend $57.5 million more in the coming fiscal year. Will the public put a stop to it and demand the commission lower the millage rate to keep taxpayer spending in check? The county commission wants to spend an estimated $725 million of taxpayer money in the next fiscal year.

The $57.5 million increase is largely due to another increase to the bloated Palm Beach County Sheriff Department. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is requesting an increase of $24 million to his budget, so his slice of the $725 million total taxpayer payout would be an eye-popping $553.7 million.


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