Ramping up the fight to ensure that the 2016 general election presidential debates include all qualified candidates, the Our America Initiative has launched a new website, FairDebates.com, to provide up-to-date information about the debates and opportunities to become engaged in the effort.

The Our America Initiative is a nonprofit advocacy organization that supports civil liberties, economic freedom and smaller government. The organization is coordinating a legal challenge to Republican and Democrat control of nationally-televised presidential debates. Former New Mexico Governor and 2012 presidential candidate Gary Johnson serves as Our America’s Honorary Chairman.

Announcing the launch of the FairDebates.com, Our America senior advisor Ron Nielson said, “Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans today believe that neither the Republican nor the Democratic party represents them. Yet, the private Commission on Presidential Debates — created by the two major parties — has created rules for participation in their debates that make it virtually impossible for third party or independent candidates to appear on the national debate stage. That is just wrong.

FairDebates.com will serve as a gathering place on the web where concerned Americans, activists, and supporters of fair, inclusive debates can stay informed, learn what they can do, and become active participants in this critical effort to give Americans the opportunity to see and hear all the qualified candidates for President, not just the Republican and Democrat nominees.”


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