Dan Lier out with new book "Is Your Child Wired for Success?: The Incontestable Truth about Achievement"


What if you knew the environment you were providing for your child would be a launching pad or a hindrance for success? Human Behavior Expert Dan Lier shares his Psycho-Success Developmental Theory in which he provides data, along with applicable examples on how our children are “Wired for Success.” The father of behaviorism and one of the most prolific psychologists in the history of the world, John B. Watson sent a message to the mothers of the world that he could “program” their children to become anything from doctors to beggars. Was John B. Watson ahead of his time? Dan Lier shares how the environment we create, along with the 7 Principles for Success will either propel or inhibit your child from developing the skills necessary to find true happiness in their lives. You can purchase his new book here.

Dan Lier is a best-selling author, internationally recognized speaker and human behavior expert focused on productivity. Dan has presented his customized keynotes in over 30 countries to companies focused on increasing productivity and changing behavior. He is an an adjunct professor at the school of business and entrepreneurship at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. As a player Dan’s college basketball coach sent him to a psychologist in increase his rebounding. This was his introduction to psychology. Dan’s college basketball team won two successive national championships while going 70-5 over a two-year period. After earning his Master’s degree from Eastern New Mexico University, he accepted an offer in the corporate world where he was then exposed to Dr. Denis Waitley in his training program, which opened more curiosity. Dan then studied Tony Robbin’s audio programs, tripled his income and become the #1 performer in his region. He went on to work with Tony Robbins for six year and was the top performer in his organization. Over the past 20+ years, Dan has studied the most prolific psychologists and their work, along with working, consulting and training with business executives. Dan is married and has two children, 18 and 16 years old.

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