Update on Ohio Ballot Access Lawsuit

The Libertarian Party of Ohio’s federal court fight to regain ballot access in time for the 2016 elections continues with expectations of success, party leaders said Tuesday .

“The LPO has been active in the effort to overturn Senate Bill 193 since it was rushed through the legislature in November of 2013, and we will continue until our party, along with other parties who challenge the Republican/Democrat cartel in Columbus, have a chance to give Ohio voters a real choice,” said LPO Chair Paul Hugenberg.

The case of LPO v. Husted is currently before Judge Michael H. Watson of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. The LPO is asking Watson to overturn SB 193, which denies ballot access to Libertarian candidates.  Watson previously granted the LPO’s request to block enforcement of SB 193 for the 2014 election.

“Though we originally expected a verdict in the first several weeks of 2015, we are grateful for a system that is taking a long and hard look at this matter. It is that important for Ohio voters,” Hugenberg said.

Charlie Earl, the 2014 Libertarian candidate for Ohio governor, is heading a group of LPO leaders working to support the party’s legal team as the lawsuit continues. “At this point we must trust that the court will discern that SB 193 is not only unconstitutional but is morally reprehensible,” said Earl. “The old parties’ lust for power has driven them to attempt extreme measures to limit their challengers, but we hope and trust the court will see through the smoke.”

“While Charlie Earl and our legal team are working within the judicial system, I’m encouraging every Libertarian in Ohio to please continue to spread the message of liberty, individual rights, and voter choice. These principles are never outdated or wrong,” Hugenberg said, adding that the LPO is considering a few different courses of action should the court case not be resolved favorably by the 2016 election cycle.


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