Josh Duggar and Ashley Madison

Full Frontal Liberty

So family values maven Josh Duggar has been outed by hacktivists self-righteously exposing data ripped from Ashley Madison, the married dating site. Yikes. I’m sure many more will come.

Why does society get so downright gleeful when someone like that is exposed as a fraud, a hypocrite? Someone who puts out a standard they try to live up to… What’s wrong with trying to be as “perfect” as you can? Why do we cheer when they fail?

Because their higher standard indicts us. The contrast makes us feel bad about ourselves – OR at least it is maybe supposed to. It’s that whole better-than-you kind of thing. Holier than thou.

And then you find out they molested their sisters and cheat on their wife.

Makes everyone else feel a little less lowly down here on the pedestal observatory.

I have mixed feelings about the hacktivists statements though. Like everyone on…

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