ColoradoCare would rank 80th on Fortune 500 list

The non-partisan Colorado Health Institute (CHI) released an in-depth report on ColoradoCare bringing new facts to light on the proposal. CHI reported ColoradoCare has a projected annual budget of $38 billion and that if it were a private company, “ColoradoCare would rank about 80th in the Fortune 500, just behind New York Life Insurance and ahead of well-known companies such as American Express, Twenty First Century Fox, 3M, Sears, Nike and McDonald’s.” According to CHI, ColoradoCare’s revenues would exceed the state of Colorado’s $25.7 billion annual budget.

ColoradoCare, known also as Amendment 69, is the single-payer 2016 ballot question proposing a $25 billion-a-year income tax hike. The proposal seeks to give an unaccountable, taxpayer-funded bureaucracy 100 percent control over health care that will be exempt from the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR).

Executive Director Jonathan Lockwood, head of the non-partisan free market group Advancing Colorado, reiterated the group’s opposition to the ballot proposal. Advancing Colorado, has received recognition in national and state media,spearheaded the opposition coalition to the measure, is the leading voice against the proposal and ran a digital ad campaign educating Coloradans about the proposal called, “ColoradoCare is a killer.”

Lockwood also debated state Sens. Jeanne Nicholson, D-Black Hawk, and Irene Aguilar, D-Denver, at a Frisco community forum, and Aguilar and former Washington Post reporter T.R. Reid at the Anschutz Medical Campus in a debate hosted by the Benjamin Rush Institute.

Lockwood released the following statement: “Coloradans are being asked to give an unelected board of 21 unaccountable politicians unrestrained control of a bureaucratic budget that makes corporations like Nike, Twenty First Century Fox, American Express and McDonald’s look like mom-and-pop shops. Every day we learn more about ColoradoCare, the proposal looks more and more insidious and questionable and Coloradans need to demand their elected officials give them an answer on where they stand on this job-killing, dangerous tax hike.”

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