Bernie gives in to endorsing Hillary and her 1% capitalist cronies

The Palm Beach Examiner

Portsmouth, NY – Yesterday, July 12, 2016, Bernie Sanders did what many thought bernie-sanders-free2impossible, he threw in the towel and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. The two could not be more opposite, with Sanders coming from the far left and Clinton from…well, we don’t know where she stands as she has pandered to Democrats in America since shortly before she announced she was running for president. It is also surprising because Clinton supporters reads like a Who’s Who of Wall Street bankers and international financiers while Sanders has been railing against that faction for decades. Even though conservatives didn’t agree with Sanders’ politics, most respected him because they thought he was a man of principle.

Sanders supporters are still in shock as they thought they were supporting a principled candidate. Instead, they have been hoodwinked, supporting someone who has given up his campaign for a confirmed liar…

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