Should a restaurant be forced to serve me?

The Palm Beach Examiner

One thing that has been discussed at length over the last several years is the idea that if a business is open to the public, should it have the right to deny service to any particular group in our society. The discussion has been focused on wedding cakes, photographers and same-sex weddings. There is a baker who recently petitioned the Supreme Court to be able to provide his services to only those he wants to do business with.

So, it got me to thinking about the multitude of ways various groups in our society are “discriminated” against on a regular basis, but no one says anything and no one is clamouring onto the court steps to right these supposed wrongs. For example, I am a hardcore vegan and definitely a hardcore Libertarian. As such, I personally feel that if a business wishes to discriminate against me, then it is their right…

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