THIS DEBATE PARADOX SUCKS: The Chicken Or The Egg Argument From Hell



This week we heard that the debate commission is telling the venues to at least entertain the possibility of a third podium being needed during the September and October Presidential debates … as well as the one Vice-Presidential debate.

Why is the word here “entertain” … this is a no brainer. They should be PLANNING on it, not “entertaining” the idea of it. If a candidate is going to be on the ballot in enough states that mathematically he or she could gain a 270 majority–he or she should be in the debates.

Period. Period. Period.

PodiumNo subjective polling, no required percentage amount that is impossible to attain without debate status. In fact, that’s what this is: It’s a DEBATE PARADOX.

You can’t get into the debates unless you’re averaging 15 percent … but you can’t get 15 percent unless you’re in the debates.


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