My friend Bill

My friend Bill Sadler passed on August 5, 2020. He leaves behind the legacy of a magnificent wife of 52 years, amazing children, and grandchildren. He was a fortunate man.

Bill and Maureen Sadler

I first met Bill 24 years ago. We did not become friends until eight years later and we have become close over the years. Bill was a living example of the Dale Carnegie book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People.’ When he and I were in private, he would never speak ill of someone. Even with certain people who he had a legitimate grievance, he would not attack them.

Bill was always busy. You could find him walking every day, working, volunteering, or spending time with his family. Bill always wanted to be a productive member of society, and he was.

Bill at Flashback Diner…at midnight.

Bill was part of my men’s breakfast “club”, which he attended more often than me. He was understated, though would always offer sage persuasions and great humor. He also took part in some of my other events, like my Midnight Dining Club. Friends would get together at midnight for dinner at either Howley’s in West Palm Beach or the Flashback Diner in Boca Raton.

A few of the misfits at the Men’s Breakfast Club, Bill among them.
Bill speaking at the Rotary Club in Boca.

At my urging, Bill gave a speech to one of the local Rotary Clubs about Libertarianism. Although he was nervous, he did swimmingly as I knew he would, even when faced with tough questions about legalizing drugs. Bill held various positions with our local Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County. Most recently, he was our Vice Chairman. He now joins other Florida freedom fighters who recently passed: former LP of Florida Chairman Char-Lez Braden and former LP of Florida Vice Chairman Thomas Regnier.

It was Bill’s understated and strong character that drew people to him. He always had a kind word to offer and was a pleasure to be around. It didn’t hurt that he had a lifetime of experiences to offer reasoned advice to others, never telling them what to do; always leaving them up to their own devices.

Bill with Shaklee Chairman, Roger Barnett

Bill offered me a tremendous friendship, great wisdom, and countless laughs. He made a difference in many people’s lives.

For an early Father’s Day gift, I gave him a bottle of Basil Hayden’s. I do not know if he enjoyed it or not, but like all things, he accepted the gift gracefully.

To you, Bill, we will miss you.


  1. Bill was a real gentleman, I was honored to have met him and spend good times with him, Maureen and the rest of Libertarian friends. He’ll be missed greatly! RIP Bill😢🌹


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