2021 End of Year Permanent Portfolio Update

One would have been far better off owning South Florida real estate than investing in my permanent portfolio the last six months. That said, the portfolio remains well above the S&P and DOW returns. As of the market close on 12/31/2021, the portfolio is up 767% since August 21, 2015, while the DOW has been up 121% and the S&P up 142% during the same time period. 

PayPal has been pummeled recently, though since August 2015, remains up 439%.

Berkshire Hathaway has been up marginally, but up 118% over the last six years. BRK is a well-diversified holding company with a long track record of 20% annualized gains that does not pay a dividend. This enables one to enjoy relatively low-risk appreciation with no tax consequences until the stock is sold. I would suspect when Warren Buffett dies there will be a drop in the stock price, which may be an excellent time to buy up the stock.

NVR has also done very well over the last six years, and unlike other positions in the portfolio has done well this year as well. It is up over 46% in 2021 and is up 283% since August 2015. Like BRK, it does not pay a dividend, so one can enjoy the appreciation without any tax consequences until one sells.

The gold and silver ETF (IAU and SLV) haven’t done much recently, though, as with the bulk of the portfolio has done well since August 2015. IAU is up 212% and SLV is up a paltry 48%.

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