How did the one-year 7 stock return do?

At the beginning of 2021, I was curious how a portfolio of a select 7 stocks would perform for the year. Well, the results are in. It returned 12.1% while the DOW returned 20.23% and the S&P returned 28.79% for 2021. Well below par, and certainly well below my normal Permanent Portfolio which is up 767% since August 2021. Guess I should stick to long-term portfolios as this one was a bad call, even though one would not have lost money, compared to 2021 inflation & a stock index fund, the return on these seven stocks in 2021 was dismal.

Here are the stocks and their returns:

NameSymbol% 2021 Return
Berkshire HathawayBRK.b30.88
Grayscale Bitcoin TrustBTC-2.37
PayPal HoldingsPYPL-18.69
Virgin GalacticSPCE-42.35

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