Karl Dickey Bio

Karl Dickey

Karl Dickey is an entrepreneur and libertarian activist in Florida.

Karl Dickey moved to Boca Raton, Florida in 1979 and has owned, operated and managed several businesses. Karl is mostly known for the dry cleaning industry and politics. Today: Franchising, direct selling, investments. Involved in local and state politics. Married in 1994.


Boca Raton Pilots’ Association – Member
Boca Raton Pilots’ Association Scholarship Fund – Former President
Aircraft Owners Pilots Association (AOPA) – member
Continual Blood and Platelet Apheresis donor
American Civil Liberties Union – Former sponsor, current donor
Anthony Robbins Foundation – Volunteer
Kids In Distress – Former Sponsor / Volunteer
Downsize DC – Member
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – Member

Libertarian Party (national) – Gold Member

Former Regional Representative for Libertarian Party of Florida
Palm Beach County Term Limits Committee member (initiative passed)
Financial Steering Committee to Elect Bill Glass to Boca Raton City Council
Successfully petitioned to remove a ban on Sunday morning alcohol sales in unincorporated Palm Beach County
Candidate for Florida State Senate, District 30 – received 12.2% of vote
Florida Red and Blue – Former Advisory Board / Political Committee
Fairness For All Families – Former Honorary Board Member

Note: This is not a full list of associations or memberships, past or present

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