Politics could be future endeavor for actor Angelina Jolie

Yesterday, May 21, 2014, the libertarian-minded actor Angelina Jolie said she would be open to the idea of running for political office in the future. The thirty-eight year old Jolie was in the middle of promoting her role in Disney’s May 30, 2014 release of ‘Maleficent’ on Good Morning America when George Stephanopoulos asked herContinue reading “Politics could be future endeavor for actor Angelina Jolie”

Who is a Libertarian?

As many Americans are moving toward being independent and away from the Democratic and Republican political parties, some are wondering, “Am I a libertarian?” and “What is a libertarian?” Libertarianism is growing dramatically in America and many are latching on to the label due to its popularity. With that growth in popularity comes many mythsContinue reading “Who is a Libertarian?”