President Trump, end ALL subsidies, not just renewable energy

“President Trump’s administration is reportedly seeking a 72 percent cut to the budget of Department of Energy programs related to energy efficiency and renewable energy,” The Hill reports. “Draft budget documents obtained by The Washington Post show the Trump administration will ask for $575.5 million in spending for the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The office’s current spending level is set at $2.04 billion for the fiscal year.”

That’s a great start and we should not just isolate this aspect of the energy sector; it should extend to ALL sectors. Renewable energy subsidies distort the free market and keep electricity prices high for all of us. This distortion is true in all areas of government subsidies.

Farm subsidies, crony capitalism, sugar, golf courses, corporate welfare, oil, etc. The list of subsidies provided by the federal, state and local governments is nearly endless. It has become so entrenched in our society that we no longer know the true cost of anything Americans purchase.

So, while the different levels of government in our country try to push various agendas to make our world “better,” they all-to-often go the wrong way and almost always with unintended consequences. Additionally, one cannot forget the corruption that quickly follows most subsidy programs.


New Study Explores Crony Capitalism in Florida

The DeVoe L. Moore Center Blog

A new study published by The James Madison Institute by DeVoe L. Moore Center Policy Analyst Matthew Kelly and Center Director Samuel Staley explores two examples of crony capitalism in Florida’s government policy: sports stadium subsidies and film tax incentives. The authors urge Floridians to remain vigilant over the spending of their tax dollars by government officials and prevent the enrichment of special interests at the public’s expense.


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Uber and Lyft Have Shuttered Their Services in Austin — Fortune

On-demand ride companies Uber and Lyft suspended their services in Austin, Texas, on Monday after a stinging loss in a weekend vote where they had spent heavily to repeal a city ordinance requiring them to conduct fingerprint background checks for their drivers. The defeat in Austin could encourage other cities to back the fingerprint-based criminal…

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Report released on corporate welfare by Florida Legislature

Liberty First Network announced the release of their ‘Corporate Welfare and the 2014 Florida legislative Session‘ report yesterday, July 16, 2014. The 16 page analysis by John Hallman provides the details of the recipients of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax incentive and all-out handouts. What is often called “economic development” by government is often nothing more than welfare for corporations and crony capitalism. Libertarians do not believe the government should be in the role of venture capitalists, utilizing taxpayer money and the strong power that government can wield.

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Gubernatorial candidate participates in March Against Monsanto in Miami today

Libertarian Party of Florida Gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie will be in Miami, Florida today, May 24, 2014 to participate in the March Against Monsanto movement happening worldwide. Several Libertarian Party members across the state are also participating in the effort to educate the public about Monsanto’s political stranglehold on agriculture through crony capitalism. Libertarians support capitalism in its purest form; however are strongly against crony capitalism which perverts the free market from operating the way it should.

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Libertarians participate in March Against Monsanto tomorrow

Tomorrow, May 24, 2014, the Libertarian Party of Collier County (LPCC) will walk arm-in-arm with Naples Progressives in their effort to raise awareness about the chemical company Monsanto. The march is part of a worldwide effort to educate the public as to how Monsanto has taken over the agricultural industry.

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