Will Fake Honey Save the Bees?

On Friday, February 12, 2016, Shark Tank, the investment television show, featured two nice ladies from Minnesota and their product “Bee Free Honee,” honee made from apples. Is cheap, vegan honee a good idea? Perhaps but I was less than convinced by one of the arguments the ladies made for their honee — it will save bees! TheContinue reading “Will Fake Honey Save the Bees?”

Vegan cuisine aims for the mainstream

FORTUNE — It’s the “V” word you’re hearing more and more often these days, and it’s steadily making its way into your local food court. With growing demand for vegan-oriented products, or products containing no eggs, dairy, or animal protein, a growing number of companies are expanding their reach to leave animal-product-averse customers stuffed andContinue reading “Vegan cuisine aims for the mainstream”