Commission on Presidential Debates — Time to Change


Is our upcoming presidential debates rigged in favor of Romney and Obama?

Election watchdog group Open Debates has called on the Commission on Presidential Debates to make public the secret debate contract negotiated by the Obama and Romney campaigns. Many want to see the details of what candidates have agreed to and to see how exclusionary the document is toward other candidates.

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Online poker activists get behind Gary Johnson campaign, dis Romney and Obama

With the news last week the Republicans desire to continue the national prohibition on online poker and the Democrats have been actively prosecuting online poker operations even if the business and Internet servers were in another country. Beginning in 1997, seeing the success of both online and telephone sports books Janet Reno, the Democratic Attorney General under Bill Clinton issued indictments and a warning to U.S. citizens who set up shop offshore. “You can’t hide online and you can’t run offshore,” Reno stated and with that issued arrest warrants for 21 citizens she claimed were violating the 1961 U.S. Wire Act. Included in the warrants were gambling operators from World Sports Exchange, SDB Global, Galaxy Sports, Winner’s Way, Island Casino, Real Casino, Grand Island Casino and Global Sports Network.

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