Some state bureaucrats are pushing a bill to guide you into having a “healthy marriage”

The absurdity of elected officials in Tallahassee trying to educate Floridians in what is a healthy marriage is rich with fodder. Florida State Senators and Representatives have had to resign due to the wild and crazy culture in the Florida legislature and they want to put out a “Healthy Marriage Guide.” Uhm, NO!

First off, should our state government get involved? NO! Second, should a band of philandering public officials guide us on what will result in a healthy marriage? No!

SB 1580 and H 1323 should die before hitting the floor. It is not the business of theWedding_rings_photo_by_Litho_Printers Florida legislature to involve itself in the private marriage of Floridians. The bills would force those seeking permission from the State of Florida to marry to affirm they have viewed the guide or have similar information.

This is going in the wrong direction by getting the State more involved in the personal lives of Florida citizens. Instead, the State should work to be less involved and give them more freedom, not less.


Florida Carry sues Broward County and Tallahassee

Today, May 2, 2014, gun rights advocacy group, Florida Carry filed two lawsuits for blatant violations of Florida’s law that preempts local gun control. Joined by the Second Amendment Foundation, the first case filed is against the City of Tallahassee. In the second case, Florida Carry filed against Broward County.

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