Will the new tax bill be as great as some say or as apocalyptic as others say?

“Many politicians tend to be drama queens and are on stage every day with their political theater. Suddenly some on Capitol Hill are talking about how concerned they are with the growing federal debt when they have been voting to increase the debt through dramatic spending programs for years. Apparently, they are betting on Americans either being stupid or having short memories.”

Palm Beach Free Press

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affecting federal taxes was signed into law yesterday, December 22, 2017, by President Donal Trump and depending upon what political affiliation you are with, it is either the end of the world or the best thing since sliced bread. So, let’s try to distill the shrill and get back to reality as it is neither of those things.

First and foremost, we must understand, that according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that over 45 percent of Americans do not pay federal income taxes as they are not required to do so. So, for over 45 percent of Americans, this will have zero impact because they are not paying into the system already. They may be paying other taxes such as federal Social Security and state sales taxes; however, none of those have any bearing on this issue.

If you wish to look…

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For whom I am voting in 2016

So, I get asked quite a bit as to whom I am going to vote and putting out these “voter vote for meguides” is an easy way for people to see how I plan to vote. Hopefully, many will get educated about the candidates and the issues rather than simply going straight down the ballot voting for the “D” or the “R”. If the “D” or the “R” are the best candidate for YOU in a particular race, then that is great. Over the years my philosophy in voting has moved away from strategy to instead voting FOR the most freedom-based candidate and the most freedom-based issues in any particular election. I have limited my selection to only those I personally can vote. If you wish to see more expansive recommendations for Palm Beach County, you can visit the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County’s Voters Guide. Oh, and way down near the bottom of the ballot you’ll see my name, vote for me!

So, that being said, here are my picks:

President & Vice President

Gary Johnson & Bill Weld

Gary Johnson is clearly the most freedom-minded candidate in the presidential race of the three that will be on the ballot in all 50 states. Floridians will have a choice between six candidates (not including write-ins) for president, but again, only three will be on the ballot in all 50 states so I narrowed my choice to within those three.

United States Senator

Paul Stanton

There are seven candidates for which to choose (not including write-ins) and I am choosing the Libertarian.

U.S. Representative – District 21

Paul Spain

Since only Spain and Frankel are in this race, excluding the Write-In candidate Mike Trout, Spain gets my vote. I am strongly tempted to vote Trout as I have met him several times and there are things I do not agree with Spain on, Spain remains the most freedom-based candidate.

Florida Senate – District 31

Jeff Clemens

Since Jason Swaby recently withdrew his write-in candidacy, Jeff Clemens is the winner of this race as he ran unopposed by a Republican or Libertarian. Perhaps next time around he will be given more serious competition so voters will have a choice. I like Clemens on many issues; however, he is not freedom-focused. 

Florida Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Judges

I am voting NOT TO RETAIN any of the existing judges in these races. If someone can convince me otherwise, feel free to shoot me an email and I will update accordingly.

15th Circuit Judge – Group 4

No opinion and not certain who I will vote for at this time

County Court Judge – Group 11

Gregg Lerman

Good, freedom-minded judge, though he is bound by the law.

The following are NON-PARTISAN races

Soil & Water Conservation District – Group 2

Matthew Bymaster

Soil & Water Conservation District – Group 3

Jesse Jackson OR Stephen Jara

Soil & Water Conservation District – Group 4

Karl Dickey


No. 1 – Solar – NO

I supported and voted for a better version of solar change for Florida during the August 30, 2016, primary which was passed. This version is not the better option as even environmentalists are against it.

No. 2 – Medical Marijuana – YES

Contrary to the scare tactics being put forth in recent advertisements, this amendment is ONLY for using cannabis for medical purposes and nothing more. There are many patients, especially seniors and those with cancer, who could benefit from cannabis treatment.

No. 3 – Tax Exemption – NO

Although this amendment is well-intentioned, it will only cause the rest of the taxpaying population to pay more. We need to get away from what we have been doing by creating tax exemptions for a special class of people and move toward lowering everyone’s tax exposure.

No. 5 – Tax Exemption – NO

Although this amendment is well-intentioned, it will only cause the rest of the taxpaying population to pay more. We need to get away from what we have been doing by creating tax exemptions for a special class of people and move toward lowering everyone’s tax exposure.

Countywide Question – Sales Tax Increase – NO

This 17 percent increase in the county’s sales tax is not only unnecessary, but also immoral. Although portrayed as a one cent increase in the county’s sales tax, it is actually a 17 percent increase. Any news outlet or politician describing it as a “penny tax” is not being honest about what it will cost the general public, especially those in the county who can least afford it.