Libertarian actor Vince Vaughn says to get rid of the Patriot Act

During a recent interview with Playboy, libertarian actor Vince Vaughn recommends getting rid of the Patriot Act: PLAYBOY: Would you ever consider running for office? VAUGHN: No. But let’s say I did. I’m going to have a lot of people with a lot of money becoming my friends, aren’t I? Because I can write lawsContinue reading “Libertarian actor Vince Vaughn says to get rid of the Patriot Act”

Who is a Libertarian?

As many Americans are moving toward being independent and away from the Democratic and Republican political parties, some are wondering, “Am I a libertarian?” and “What is a libertarian?” Libertarianism is growing dramatically in America and many are latching on to the label due to its popularity. With that growth in popularity comes many mythsContinue reading “Who is a Libertarian?”