Karl’s Permanent Portfolio – 2 year update

So it has now been exactly two years since I made my version of the Permanent Portfolio public and it has outpaced the DOW and the S&P. The net return has been 79.4% while the DOW has had a return of 31.9% and the S&P 23.2% during the same time period. And, for the naysayers regarding my small investment in Bitcoin for the portfolio then one would have to say the same about NVR and PYPL, etc. But if one was to remove Bitcoin from the mix completely, the investment would have been within a point of the DOW’s return without any of the risks in holding just 30 equity stocks or a single ETF for the DOW. This portfolio is eclectic, to say the least, but is designed to weather some heavy financial storms as well. It also has a minimum 10-year horizon, so at two years, it is still in its infancy.

See the full page here: https://karldickey.wordpress.com/karl-dickey-investment-portfolio/





As they say, timing is everything. And the timing for Vasayo simply could not be better—for several reasons.

  1. Direct Sales Exploding. Building a home-based business has never been more mainstream or more lucrative. In fact, the number of people involved in home-based direct sales rose more than 11% last year, with more than 20 million Americans participating.
  2. Modern Technologies. With the surge in social media and other technologies, sharing from your home offers flexibility and potential like never before.
  3. Early Entry. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can take advantage of Vasayo’s powerful Rewards Plan.
  4. Leadership and Vision. Finally, Dallin’s proven track record, disruptive product technologies, and vision for Vasayo’s future tie it all together to create the perfect timing.



Tony Robbins gives a deeply personal interview for January 2015 issue of SUCCESS magazine on news stands today

SUCCESS magazine - Jan 2015 Cover - Tony Robbins

 Tony Robbins, the world’s top life and business strategist who has mentored everyone from Bill Clinton to Princess Diana to Oprah and Hugh Jackman, opens up to SUCCESS magazine as he never has before about his dark childhood, breakthrough methods of helping people change, and his rage at those who caused the 2008 recession—fury that pushed him to write his first book in 20 years, Money: Master the Game, 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. The tome instantly shot to the top of the New York Times best-seller list.

When SUCCESS reporter Marie Speed arrives at Robbins’ home in Manalapan, Florida, she notes that the house is “massive, the furniture oversized… the living room seems to pan across a hemisphere of deep blue ocean. It’s a world perfectly scaled to the 6-foot- 7-inch motivational man who routinely advises some of the most powerful people on the planet.”

Robbins vividly recalls his childhood with an “incredibly violent” alcoholic mother who married four times. In the course of the intimate interview, in which no subject was off the table, Robbins tells how, when he was just a boy, he was shopping, cooking, feeding and clothing his brother and sister. It was his love for reading that offered “an escape to get out.”

“I started reading As a Man Thinketh and Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. I get emotional thinking about it today, all these years later,” Robbins said, his eyes welling up. “It made me believe that anything can be changed and made better.”

When he was a senior in high school, his mother chased him out of the house with a knife on Christmas Eve. Robbins never went back. He got a job as a janitor, and the rest is history: Tony became the protege of personal development legend Jim Rohn, wrote two huge best-sellers (Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within), and became not just the face of the $10 billion self-improvement industry but also “the CEO Whisperer” (in Fortune‘s words), helping his billionaire clients wrack up record results—and find lives of meaning to boot. As the CEO of Salesforce.com Marc Benioff recently said about Robbins, “Very few people have had such a huge impact on me—my ability to be successful, my ability to give back.”

When it comes to giving back, though, it’s hard to match Robbins. All the proceeds from his new book—the advance and all profits—are going to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization. Robbins started The 100 Million Meal Challenge to feed families in need, and has donated 50 million meals himself to kick it off. Robbins says he will never forget “being fed Thanksgiving dinner when my family was too poor to buy food.”

With Money: Master the Game, Robbins aims to give “regular people” a roadmap on their journey to financial freedom. Leveraging his relationships with the financial power elite—everyone from Warren Buffett to Charles Schwab, Carl Icahn and T. Boone Pickens—he gives the secrets of the 1 percent to the rest of us. SUCCESSmagazine, since its inception over 100 years ago, has a mission to be the most trusted resource for personal brand development. Rarely have the values of a magazine and its cover subject been so perfectly aligned.

The January 2015 issue of SUCCESS magazine hits newsstands today, Tuesday, December 9, 2014.

SUCCESS magazine  (http://www.success.com) uplifts and inspires 1.2 million monthly readers, reaching a total of 3.8 million fans across Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms as @successmagazine. Both SUCCESS and SUCCESS.com have recently won national awards, nabbing trophies for Best Personal Service story (from min), Best Illustrated Cover (from both min and Folio), and Best Use of Social Media (min).

Tony Robbins and Feeding America® Partner to Take on the Challenge of Hunger to Help Struggling Families

Best-selling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony Robbins has again partnered with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, to help provide 100 million meals* to families in need. Robbins invites the public to help match his personal gift of 50 million meals to Feeding America so, together, 100 million meals can be provided through Feeding America and its network of 200 local food banks.

All of the author’s profits of his recently published book, Money Master the Game, have been donated in advance by Robbins, which in conjunction with an additional personal donation, will provide 50 million meals to people in need this year. Food will be delivered by Feeding America’s network of food banks, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief charity

“Feeding America is deeply grateful to Tony Robbins for his incredibly generous gift,” said Bob Aiken, Chief Executive Officer for Feeding America. “Tony’s newest commitment to our organization is not only an extension of his long time support for Feeding America, but also a tremendous expression of his 37-year passion for fighting hunger in our nation. Tony is taking his leadership in this cause to the next level by making this transformational gift now, while at the same time inspiring countless others to join his efforts in the 100 Million Meals Challenge – a campaign that will provide nourishment and hope to millions of Americans struggling with hunger.”

Tony Robbins faced food insecurity as a child and has supported the hunger cause for over three decades. In addition to several years’ worth of personal donations toward providing hunger relief across the country, Robbins made a gift of 1,000,000 meals to provide support to individuals affected by Superstorm Sandy.

“It’s a tragedy that in the United States, the richest country in the world, 49 million people, including 16 million children, may go to bed unsure if they will have a meal tomorrow. I know that those are more than startling statistics — those numbers are human beings suffering — and I came from one of those families,” said Tony Robbins. “I’ve now worked with Feeding America for more than five years and I can tell you that their dedicated nationwide network serves every day to alleviate not only hunger but fear and uncertainty as well. I hope you’ll join us in this mission; together let’s create a deeper, lasting impact.”

To learn more about the Tony Robbins and to get involved in the 100 Million Meals Challenge visit feedingamerica.org/100millionmeals

Feeding America is the nationwide network of 200 food banks that leads the fight against hunger in the United States. Together, we provide food to more than 46 million people through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs in communities across America. Feeding America also supports programs that improve food security among the people we serve; educates the public about the problem of hunger; and advocates for legislation that protects people from going hungry. Individuals, charities, businesses and government all have a role in ending hunger. Donate. Volunteer. Advocate. Educate.  Together we can solve hunger. Visit www.feedingamerica.org, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Tony Robbins is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. For more than 37 years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and the transformational power of Mr. Robbins’s business and personal development events. He is the nation’s #1 life and business strategist. He’s called upon to consult and coach with some of the world’s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even presidents of nations.

Robbins is a founder of or partner in more than a dozen companies in industries as diverse as a 5-star Fijian island resort to custom 3D-printed prosthetic limbs. Through the Anthony Robbins Foundation and his matching funds, Tony feeds 4 million people per year in 56 countries. He has also initiated programs in more than 1,500 schools, 700 prisons, and 50,000 service organizations and shelters. He lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

*Every $1 donated to Feeding America helps provide 10 meals for families facing hunger. Tony Robbins is donating a minimum of 50 million meals* (monetary equivalent of $5,000,000) to Feeding America from December 2, 2014December 3, 2015.

robbins money book Feeding America Logo

Tony Robbins' new book is out this morning. Get this book!

It has been 20 years since Tony Robbins has released a book and this morning, 11/18/2014, is the debut of his new book “MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.

robbins money book

Tony Robbins’ new book is out this morning. Get this book!

It has been 20 years since Tony Robbins has released a book and this morning, 11/18/2014, is the debut of his new book “MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.

robbins money book

You need Tony Robbins' new book MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

You need this new book by Tony Robbins – MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. Although I am not much of a fan when promoters use words like “secrets to wealth”, this book is excellent! Pre-order NOW!

robbins money book

You need Tony Robbins’ new book MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

You need this new book by Tony Robbins – MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. Although I am not much of a fan when promoters use words like “secrets to wealth”, this book is excellent! Pre-order NOW!

robbins money book